Peter Barron: Degree Portfolio

ISTE Standard 3: Model digital age work and learning

Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society.

  1. Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations

    1. Before even starting this program, one of the things I started as a hobby was a podcast called “The Frustrated Fans.”

      Research on the general internet was some help in regards in how to get the podcast off the ground. I learned the majority of the work by trial and error as I learned or relearned the basics of Web Development, but most importantly, Audio Production and development. This hobby has given me new insight in assisting students and teachers involved in both Web Design and Digital Media creation, as I tried to make myself a resource for those learning the same resources and helping them make use of it. This was especially true when I was called on to setup for Christian Brother College’s high school AP Spanish program, which required a recorded audio as part of the test.

    2. One of the more valuable classes to me was the Action Research class. I developed a plan for my St. Monica’s Parish School of Religion classroom. Given my classroom is a “low-tech” platform, based on the recent popular phenomenon of adult coloring books. I made a plan to implement coloring books as a tool to help students focus before the start of class. This small action lets me help students focus before class begins.

  2. Engage Students in Exploring Real-World Issues and Solving Authentic Problems using digital tools and resources.

    1. One of the tools I look to use at St. Monica’s to keep my students and parents up to date is Google Drive. This tool lets me keep important documents and forms available for parents at any time, as well as important calendar updates.

    2. The topic of teacher success and how to measure it is one that is hotly debated in the modern era. For my own tracking, I prefer to look at summative evaluations in the form of evaluation surveys by both parents and students. This is done primarily to assure that I’m still fulfilling my job to their satisfaction, but secondarily to find direct areas where I can improve. I tend to take these evaluations seriously, and to make for a truly anonymous system to allow for honesty in the evaluation process, I’ve made these evaluations on Google Forms.

      This free survey tool allows for evaluations to be made quickly and efficiently online with natively built in data analysis tools.

  3. Communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital age media and formats

    1. In the modern age of Communication, one of the biggest things that is required is communication with both students and parents. While tools like Email are certainly useful, I tend to prefer a more current form of technology. Google Voice serves this purpose. No teacher would ever want to give their actual number out to grade, middle or high school students, and some college students, but Google Voice lets me send and receive texts from a secondary number. This lets my students and parents contact me without exposing my primary number to unknown prank calls or other telephone spam.

    2. One of the things I helped support during my time at Christian Brothers College High School was their new streaming service called the Cadet Student Network. This was a service provided by the school to allow students, parents, alumni and friends of the school to watch sports games and theater productions while on the internet. We had to invest in streaming equipment and I assisted the Cadet Student Network with troubleshooting. We chose to stream primarily over YouTube.

  4. Model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students, colleagues, and others in face-to-face and virtual environments

    1. In one of my classes, Instructional System Design, we explored how to research, build and develop a plan to instruct our fellow educators on how to adapt to four pieces of technology. For my chosen technology, I looked into re-evaluating how my fellow educators approached PowerPoint. The Microsoft Technology is well founded, but overused in Education and Business environments alike. I found research to help my fellow educators streamline their use and built into a Weebly site with my fellow students.

    2. One of the recent new technologies that has been making it’s way through various school campus is the idea of a “makerspace.”

      A makerspace is a workshop, usually made inside of a school library, that allows students to experiment with computers and technology production. This includes working with programming and rudimentary engineering, often involving micro-computers like the Raspberry Pi.

      Christian Brothers College High School looked into starting to build our own, and I did research for our robotics club and science departments in order to see what some basic costs would be. I looked up what other schools had done and helped inform my administrators on what would be needed