Peter Barron - ISLT7361: Intro to Digital Media

Summer 2015

Image Project

This page is a record of my work for the Image Projects, Part 1 and 2 for the Intro to Digital Media Class.

The aim of these projects was twofold. In part 1, I was required to create two images related to a "parenting" topic; a website banner and a 100x100 pixel icon with limited colors.

In part 2, we were required to use the techniques used in the part 1 of the assignment to take images that we took captured ourselves with a camera, or public domain images and combine them in a novel manner.

For both parts, I used a Lenovo T410, with Adobe Photoshop CS6 Software as my visual editor.


Tutorial referenced in this project comes from this source:

Background and Foreground Images used

Foreground 1 Picture: \Image Project\foregn01.jpg

Foreground 2 Picture: \Image Project\foregn02.jpg

Background Picture: \Image Project\bkgnd02.jpg

Part 1 - Icon


Part 2 - Custom Image

For my image project, I wanted to show a little of my nerdy side and have some fun.

To see the completed image click here

Custom Image

And we’re finished. Allons-y!

Photoshop Layers: