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Latest Recipe: 04/06/2015 - Baked Milk Chocolate Wontons

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Recipe inspired from:'s Chocolate Wontons

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1 (12 ounce) package wonton wrappers
1 cup milk chocolate chips
10 strawberries, quartered
1/4 cup confectioners' sugar for dusting (optional)

Confession? I love wontons. They are a lot of fun to work and experiment with. I discovered them when I was Googling pizza recipes once; I found this website and blog, Shezcrafti and her Pizza Gyoza recipe. (Same link.) Short version, I had to try them, and not just because I too am a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle freak like the author, but because the idea seemed to have merit. Tasty, tasty merit.

It was well founded, as Pizza Gyoza are not only awesome, but wontons are fun too cook with. Give me a pack of wonton wrappers, and a mix of ingredients, and I'll happily bake or panfry them to see what I get. For me, I prefer to bake wontons over fry them, as while fried foods are always good, don't get me wrong, they're harder on the waist line. Besides, baking wonton wrappers tend to make them crunchy and in a desert, that's generally preferred unless you're deep frying these to the point of crunchiness.

I thought it would work here. I'm not sure it did. So where originally calls to fry these, I chose to bake them. Here's what I did, and you can decide if it's worth it. I'm going to try this recipe again and follow the original instructions later.

Preheat your oven to 350 Degrees, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Parchment paper is an awesome thing for any chef; so long as you don't breach 450 degrees on your oven, (as 451 is the temperature where paper burns) lining your sheets, pans, etc. with paper can make clean up a freaking breeze. I still wouldn't go above 425 degrees with them as every oven is different.

Measure out your chips and cut up your strawberries. If you're following the recipe exactly, make sure to do smaller strawberries, otherwise cut larger ones pieces down. Wonton wrappers don't have a lot of room for stuffing, and it takes an expert to get all the ingredients he or she wants in there.

Fill a small bowl with water; and then take out wrappers one by one. Fill each wonton with just under a teaspoon's worth of chips, and one or two strawberry pieces. It may take one or two tries to judge how big your wontons are and how much you can get away with stuffing it.

My wrappers and my chips that I used Strawberries
Assembling the wontons Completed and folded over wontons

Fold the wonton over into a triangle shape, and then dip your finger in the water bowl. Use your wet finger around the edges to help create a temporary seal and close the wonton. Now, I took it further and folded the corners of the wrapper underneath the center, trying to close off any chance of filling leak, and as the chocolate melts, if given an adequate space to leak out of, it will.

Lay your completed wontons on the parchment paper lined cookie sheet, and give at least a half-inch radius between each one. They don't tend to leak or expand, but you can never be too careful. Bake at 350 for 14 minutes, at least by my count.

Baked Wontons

Remove from oven one at least one complete side appears golden brown. You may want to even turn these mid-bake. I didn't and as a result, a lot of the native flour on my wrappers remained. Allow to cool- and this is important.

The reason is, if eaten hot, they're not going to be as good. While the chocolate will still be in a melted or semi-melted state, my problem is that these dried out way to easily and eating a hot dry food is not fun; it soaks the moisture out of your tongue. Allowing it to cool lets the chocolate re-solidify and seals the wonton together, and the inner strawberry pieces are better cool than hot. Serve with fresh fruit dip you can pick up in grocery stores, or perhaps some caramel.

So yeah, I think changing the recipe from fry to bake definitely had some negative repercussions on the food itself. I don't think they're bad, but not what they could be. I'll keep experimenting and let you guys know.

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Latest Review: 04/27/2015 - Good and Delish - Tropical Palace

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Good and Delish is an internal brand of The Walgreen Company, Chicago, Illinois.

Purchased at Walgreens, National Chain of Pharmaceuticals and other Retail company.

First appearing in 2010, the Good and Delish brand is an internal brand of The Walgreen Company, selling not just chocolate, but a number of food items. This was my first exposure to it, and for a "Premium German Chocolate," it's not too shabby.

White chocolate is notoriously tricky, even compared to it's darker siblings. That's not just true of it's melting properties, but also what you can and can't mix it with. You'll find exoitc flavors mixed with both Milk and Dark like Chili powder or pomegranate. White chocolate is far less commonly decorated such. That said, this isn't a bad white chocolate. It's just overpowered by the flavors tossed in.

Presentation is handled well; like a lot of other foreign-born chocolates, it's wrapped in a cardboard outerwrapper with alternating white and black designs, and an inner foil wrapper stamped with the company logo. Fairly standard there. The choice of predominantly white space is a good one to stand out against other brands. The squares are stamped with an alternating pattern of the Good and Delish logo as well as a simple, elegant design of diagonal lines.

Good and Delish bar stamps Good and Delish Foil Wrapper Good and Delish Ingredients

Smell is definitely what stands out about this chocolate. Even before I got the foil wrapper out, tones of fruity drinks and warm beaches stood out. Normally, white chocolate is a potent enough smell on it's own, but here, it's making me wish for a Corona beer and to sit in the sun for a few hours with a good book. Only problem is, it's too potent. It's not that bad of a problem, but it's very hard to detect the native white chocolate against the fruit overtones.

For a white chocolate, this has very tough pliability. It's not the hardest I've come across, but definitely falls into the medium-hard category. Only problem is that it tends to not break cleanly around the edges. While it breaks at the edges, other chocolates are better about near smooth breaks. There's no to little melting here either, which is a plus, especially on a white chocolate. The bite itself is mostly medium, doesn't take too much force to get through.

Taste is like the scent, very fruity and suprisingly delicious, but the taste of the fruit pieces overpower most of the white chocolate. For only $2, it's a nice snack, but there are far better indulgent white chocolates out there.