4/29/2017 -- The Reunion has begun! Just in time for the 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, Pete and Jeremy tackle Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete! So to paraphrase Cid himself: sit your ass in that chair and listen to our gosh darn review!

4/8/2017 -- Join Jeremy as he talks about his thoughts on the Undertaker's final match from Wrestlemania 33 and why he loved every moment of it.

4/1/2017 -- Still working some anime out of our system as we take a look at the Big O; a series that Cartoon Network once billed as Batman with giant robots. Are they right or is more of a just a crazy anime with giant robots. Either way, we both love it.


Upcoming episodes:

Episode 70: Scott Pilgrim vs the World --- Series' IMDB --- Estimated Release: 05/12/2017

Episode Whenever it comes: Dragonball Z: The Driving Episode --- Series' IMDB --- Estimated Release: Ummmm.....


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